The Oscars 2017: How to watch tv, chanle

The Oscars 2017  89th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will honor the best films of 2016 and will take place at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater in California on February 26, 2017

Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017


Oscar night is probably the best owning a Best Foreign Language Film award – it rarely makes much publicity.

But compared to just a few years ago, the category is no longer a word that confuses ambition among Oscar voters.

And one of the films listed this year is lined up for Hollywood restructuring.

Country: Denmark

Language: German with some Danish and English

Denmark’s success in this category: 11 candidates, including 3 wins

Director: Martin Zandvleet

Story: A group of young German soldiers in the western Oscars 2017 coast of Denmark will clean up some of the two million mines they have deployed on the shoreline and in the coasts to prevent Germany from being invaded by the Allies. These are inspected by the Danish Sergeant Rasmussen, who seems to be full of violence first.

Oscars 2017 He won the Best Danish Film at last year’s Danish film awards. Both Roland Moller was well behaved as a sergeant and by young players who played the Germans. When Rasmussen begins a brutal beating without a clear reason at the beginning, we anticipate that the emulation will see humanity in contact with despised soldiers. A few things that are late in the movie are only for dramatic comfort and do not convince. Stages of liquidation of mines are intensely tense and difficult to track.

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish

Sweden’s Track Record: 14 wins (for Ingmar Bergman)

Director: Hannes Holm

Story: A treacherous old widow who lives alone in O. He’s spending a lot of energy trying to present the behavior of his neighbors, who act hard on him. Ove is not satisfied when she is greeted by a new family in front of Evin: It is hard to accept the stinging Parvaneh (who is Iran) and her Swedish husband. Nevertheless, we establish a relationship and in the feedback we encounter the younger Ove, who is more open to the possibilities of life marrying the beautiful Sonja.

Oscars 2017 The film was shot in an attractive way, and Rolf Lassgard made Ove an old man rather than emotional. Some of the humor is a bit chunky, and the process of discovering Ove’s secret beautiful man works on a predictable line. But Filip Berg and Ida Engvoll are creating a charming and adorable young couple with unexpected sweetness in the film.

Country: Iran

Language: Persian

Iran’s performance: 2 candidates, including winning for the same director in 2011

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Story: Emad and Rana, Tehran’s middle class inhabitants: teach, but common passion moves. After giving a clue from a player, they find a new circle. Seems like a good move as you explore the previous passenger leaving the locked room. When they work on a production in a game called Arthur Miller’s Death of a Dealer, the couple relationship gets more and more tense. There is violence and Emad becomes obsessed with revenge.

This year there will be no film to pass the German candidate. Farhadi, however, wrote a highly nervous and disturbing scenario full of horror, Alfred Hitchcock’s mastery. The double is played perfectly by Taraneh Alidoosti and Shahab Hosseini. Previous victor Farhadi stated that President Trump would refuse to attend the Oscar ceremony to limit the Iranians who entered the US: could it be a sympathy for him? This is the most memorable films of the year.

Country: Australia

Language: Nivhaal (film was shot in Vanuatu)

Australian Track Record: The first candidate in this category

Directed by Martin Butler and Bentley Dean

Story: In the Pacific, Dain and Wawa live in a primitive village whose life is almost untouched by the modern world. The gifted young Selin observes that his sister Wawa is tied to a person outside the village; But Wawa wants to be with Dain. Lovers are running away. Selin continues as the way to find the villager sister – the tragedy is on the counter.

Will this win the least mainstream of this year’s candidates is the kind of film that the Academy hopes to reform the voting system. It’s a well-drawn and essentially well-acted story that’s taken away from a usual South Pacific film world away from support systems. The story together with the echoes of Romeo and Juliet is fascinating and fascinating at the beginning. Locations are tempting without an ad for an upmarket beach holiday. He will not take the Oscar, but we need to catch him.